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Lotion applicators for tanning bed lotions, sunless tanning lotion, tanning cream, indoor tanning, skin lotions and dry skin, All Right Here!!


Look Your Best Tanning Accessories introduces the Backhand Lotion Applicators… the easiest and best way to apply all lotions, creams or oils to those hard to reach areas of your back and body! The Backhand Lotion Applicator is the best with all indoor tanning lotions, creams, oils, self tanners and sunless tanning cream. It also comes with a convenient “travel cap” that keeps your lotion fresh, “ready to go” and your pad clean. The Backhand is easily portable to anywhere you need it!



More Airline Employees, more people that tan, more people that work out, more people with back problems, more people that use self tanners, after spray tanning, more people that want a smooth back than any other lotion applicators!


The Backhand Lotion Applicator is the best lotion appliator you can buy. This is why We offer a 100% money back guarantee..you must be completely satisfied with the Backhand Lotion Applicators or your money will be refunded!


Dermatologist Recommended – Pharmacy Recommended – Spray Tanning Recommended


Now you can “cover your back” without the help of someone else! 


The Backhand Lotion Applicator is the best lotion applicator, skin care applicator, suntan lotion applicator, sunless tan lotion applicator, back lotion applicator, lotion applicator for self tanners and indoor tanning lotions, lotion back applicator, spray tanning lotion applicator, lotion applicator for your back, body lotion applicator..Try Us!!



Backhand Lotion Applicator-Deep Purple
Price: $7.95
Backhand Lotion Applicator-Midnight Black
Price: $7.95
Backhand Lotion Applicator-Tropical Jade
Price: $7.95